Jones Brothers on Scholarships

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Jones Brothers Kicking up a Storm at the College level


This month I want to write about the Jones Brothers, who are doing great things in their first year of American Football.  Paul the oldest of the Jones Brothers is playing his first year with Virginia Union University, and younger brother Luke Jones is in his first year with Albany State University.

The respective coaches inform me that they are very happy with how the boys are doing this year, and see them as making a big difference to their respective teams.

Both Luke and Paul had never played a game of American football until they played their first game in the US.  Like most of the OzPunt boys, the first game they saw live was the first game they played in.

Luke and Paul have had the same sporting backgrounds, both played Australian Rules Football, and both are pretty handy on the soccer field also.  It is this combination which has seen both of them have opportunities at both punting and kicking, with Paul having his first kick off for the Virginia Union University team.

I know the two of them have the same wish at the end of their College careers, and that is to play in the NFL.  Since both Luke and Paul started College at the same time our fingers are crossed that they start in the NFL at the same time.

Luke will have the first taste of playing at an NFL stadium as his Albany State University Rams will play a game at Lucas Oil field.  This is the home of the current NFL team the Indianapolis Colts, and will also be the home of the 2012 NFL Super Bowl Game.

It is never to late to get down to OzPunt for a Kick or Punt.  So I look forward to seeing you soon. 

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