Nathaniel Miller takes his shot at the NFL

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South Australian OzPunt Punter Nathaniel Miller is currently in America taking his shot at an NFL contract.

Nathaniel has been training in South Australia as part of a group of OzPunt boys trying either for the NFL or College Scholarship opportunities. 

Nathaniel has a background playing AFL football, which he has played all his life.  It is his AFL football background which has given him a good base to work from to pick up NFL Punting.  Nathaniel has been working hard and applied himself to get to where he is today.

Under the watchful eye of OzPunt Adelaide Coach Matthew Manfield, Matthew believes Nathaniel is a great shot to make it into the NFL.  As Matthew knows, it all comes down to a few kicks, but is confident Nathaniel will represent himself well to American Coaches while he is in the US showing his Punting abilities to coaches and NFL teams.

Everyone who has meet Nathaniel to date have nothing but good things to say about his ability and the way he applies himself to receiving his opportunity to show case himself in America.

We all wish you the best Nathaniel and hope you get out what you put into your Punting.

Cameron McGillivray

OzPunt Director

Conference Champions, Championship Playoffs, Bowl Games and Rings

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These are just some of the bonuses the OzPunt boys have received from all their hard work.  To say the least, it has been a great season for the OzPunt boys playing College Football in the US this season.

During the regular season we saw a number of school records smashed, continuing the OzPunt tradition of breaking at least one school record a year.  Of course there is a lot of boys now playing in the US, and this year we broke a few, it is such a great feeling each time one of the boys break a school record playing the sport they love.

This year also saw a number of OzPunt boys play their last College Football game.  They will now focus on the opportunity of playing in the NFL.  Lots of hard work and training is ahead of them, and College Football is a great place for them to start their careers and get some games under their belts.

The OzPunt Summer Series has started, and in a couple of days the Australian Championships will get underway.  This year sees a sellout camp, and lots of new Punters and Kickers will get their first taste of what’s required to be a great Punter and Kicker.

For those who could not get into the Australian Championships Camp I recommend you contact me and organise a day camp.  

February will also see American Kicking and Punting coach Chris Sailer visit Australia.  Chris visits Australia to help recruit OzPunt guys to the College Football ranks.  A number of boys have had the opportunity to scouted by Chris and make their way into the College system.

See you all soon for a kick,

Cameron McGillivray

OzPunt Director

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