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OzPunt has been covered in great detail in both print, TV, and radio media.


Television Coverage

Below are links to television coverage OzPunt has received to date.


Print Media

Below is some of the print media which has been published about OzPunt to date.

Attachment Size
OzPunt's Cory Patterson from NRL to NFL 128.33 KB
OzPunt's Ben Matterson from NRL to NFL 79.43 KB
2nd Annual Natrional Championships Held in Melbourne 66.39 KB
OzPunt's Stephen Paulke on Preparing for College Football 71.05 KB
OzPunt's Simon Anderson off to Canada 650.51 KB
NFL Pro Kicker Prospect Nick Tavouktsis 106.04 KB
Why NRL Stars May Punt On With OzPunt 147.81 KB
Knights star Cory Paterson takes a punt on NFL trial 197.07 KB
Barry Hall NFL Punt With OzPunt 141.5 KB
Swan Nick Davis aims for NFL career with OzPunt help 118.42 KB
Cory kicks up a storm in US 44.69 KB
3rd Annual National Championships 58.69 KB
120 kicks a week - Nick Davis 66.67 KB
College Bound Punter - Luke Burgess 112.15 KB
3 OzPunt College Students Receive Scholarship Offers 42.67 KB
Banned Carney considering NFL 67.62 KB
Sam's linebacker offer 85.5 KB
Barry Hall on Nick Davis in the NFL 49.06 KB
OzPunt Moving into New Zealand 37.41 KB
Nick Davis in America 49.96 KB
OzPunt Punter Tim McMullen is off to College 22.13 KB
OzPunt Punter Trevor Bromley on America Trip 34.36 KB
Steve Baker in Australian Team 162.66 KB
David King off to Seattle Seahawks 35.06 KB
Nick Davis - Punter Down Under 31.82 KB
David King - Australian Punter - New England Patriots 239.29 KB

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