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OzPunt Introductory Camps

From the start of September to the end of April, OzPunt runs Introductory Training Camps. These training camps are on Saturday or Sunday and are a half day event. They are held in both Melbourne and Sydney.

The Introductory Training Camps will teach you everything from Kicking, Punting and Holding. OzPunt coaching staff will provide you with an opportunity to learn all there is to know about getting into a College or NFL team.

Whether you are aiming for College, NFL or just want an idea of whether you have the ability required to start you on your path to your American Football goals, the OzPunt Training Camps will provide you with the answers plus more.

Who can Participate?

We cater for 3 distinct groups

Juniors: From year 7 up to year 11 at High School
College: Year 12 to College Eligible participants
NFL: Anyone hoping to make the NFL ranks

What will I be Taught?

You will be taught the proven Punting, Kicking, and Holding techniques which football coaches look for from experienced OzPunt coaches.

You will be taught the correct stepping patterns, ball grip, and drop to ensure you have the perfect combination of a quick get off time, a great hang time, and long kick.

You will learn about what you need to do to be in a position to accept a college scholarship or NFL contract.

What does it cost?

The cost of our one day Camps are $110 inc GST. Once you have attended an OzPunt Introductory Camp you will be able to attend 2 more Academy training sessions to further practice your skills with the established OzPunt Academy Players.

What will I receive?

A detailed report of your ability based on your progress from the day, and a copy of all film taken so you can monitor your progress.

Detailed training techniques to take away with you to work on before your next camp.

The opportunity to make the OzPunt player profile section of the OzPunt website, where you will be seen by coaches from America.

Lunch and refreshments will also be provided throughout the day.

How Do I Get Involved in an OzPunt Introductory Camp?

Once you have paid for your OzPunt Introductory Camp costs and informed us of the date you wish to attend, we will then contact you with a detailed outline of the days events, location, and time.

For payment instructions and registration contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

When are you next camp dates?

Melbourne Dates - Both Kicker/Punter and Non Kicker Camps available

1 Day Camp - 16th of December

2 Day Camp - 29th and 30th of December

1 Day Camp - 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th of January

2 Day Camp - 9th and 10th of February - American Football Coaches in attendance

Contact for more camp dates


Ballarat Dates - Both Kickers and Punters

1 Day Camp - 19th of January

Contact for more dates


Sydney Dates - Both Kickers and Punters

Contact for specific dates


Adelaide Dates - Both Kickers and Punters

Contact for specific dates


Brisbane Dates - Both Kickers and Punters

Contact for specific dates


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