What a fantastic few months it has been for OzPunt and the extended OzPunt family.

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OzPunt will see 5 boys start their new College Football careers.  4 OzPunt Boys will be Punting and Kicking at new schools, and 1 will see them begin their College Football career as a Linebacker, yes that is right, a Linebacker.  4 of these schools will be having the experience of an OzPunt boy for the first time, and 1 will be continuing the tradition of having an OzPunt boy Punt for them.

No one has worked harder through the recruiting process then our WA boy.  Strongly supported by his family he has handled the ups and downs of recruiting and like all good long distance runners, has crossed the finish line.  Just the short flight from WA to America to go :) 

With still a number of good Punters and Kickers available for schools, and a number to be ready soon, I am sure we will see more Punters and Kickers join the College ranks in the near future.

The past few months has also uncovered a number of guys who have started their training towards a shot at the NFL.  Each session is seeing great improvement from the boys, and I am sure they will get an opportunity once they have fine tuned their skills.

The winter has been good to us, offering plenty of opportunities for training.  With camps available all around the country it is time to start thinking about when are you going to come along and take your first step towards your American adventure?

Finally I would like to congratulate all the boys who have either just left for the US or about to leave for the US shortly.  I would also like to pass on a special mention to those who have supported them through their training sessions and the recruiting process.

I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Cameron McGillivray

OzPunt Director

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