Kicker Brad Craddock Signs with the Cleveland Browns

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2010 saw Brad Craddock like so many young Australians enquire about punting, and whether it would be something for them.† Brad attend a camp, the rest is history as they say, that day started Bradís journey, Brad was on a path that today would lead him to being signed to the Cleveland Browns.

Of course a lot has happened between 2010 and 2016, let alone all the awards Brad would win as a Kicker, Brad would break numerous school and conference records while winning the respect of team mates, coaches, and the media to name a few.

Most people trying for a Punting position at College only train at their Punting, but Brad was also good at kick offs and field goals. †Being good at all three had Brad working harder than your normal Punter.† Goals were set, training programs set up, Brad was now ready to achieve his goal, the first one being getting into a College on a Scholarship.

A lot of time went into ensuring Brad was at the right school for him, and hard decisions had to be made by Brad and his family on where Brad would end up. †History tells us that Brad selected Maryland, but other schools had wanted Brad as their Punter.† Brad informed these other Coaches that he trained with others who he thought would be good for their school.† By doing this Brad had helped other Punters and Kickers get their opportunity at an American College.† I know they are grateful for Brad; the education they receive cannot be understated.

I know brad worked hard, and overcame a lot of hurdles to get him where he is today.† Anyone who knows Brad knows this, and there is so much I could write about with regard to what these were.†† I feel the important thing is that no matter what came Bradís way he approached it willing to give his all.

Watching Brad achieve his goals and grow over the past 6 years has brought a lot of joy my way and I could not be anymore prouder of him then I am and have always been.† Continue to set big goals Brad as I am sure this is just another step down the path started all those years ago.

Cameron McGillivray

OzPunt Director

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