OzPunt's Biggest Camp of the Year!!

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I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that there are 6 spots remaining for OzPunt’s 2 day camp held in Melbourne.  The 2 day camp kicks off on Monday the 26th of December at 1pm and concludes on Tuesday the 27th of December at 4pm.  With people coming from across Australia, it is a great opportunity to train and learn from people who have “Been there done that”.

The two day camp takes covers all things Kicking, Punting and Holding.  As well as instruction on the field, OzPunt uses this opportunity to run
class room type sessions on how to get into an NFL or College team, and what to expect when you get to the US.

You will also have the opportunity to kick with, and receive instruction from current OzPunt Punters and Kickers who have or are currently playing football in the US.  For instance, this year will see the first year of Coaching from All Conference Rookie Punter Paul Jones.

If we are lucky Paul will run us through his side step punting technique as shown below;


Below is a news coverage of a past years event;


Please feel free to call or contact me if you have any questions or if
you would like to register for the camp.

Speak soon,

Cameron McGillivray
OzPunt Director
Ph: 0438 522 144

Paul Jones bringing AFL to College Football

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It seems there is no stopping Paul Jones.  Recently Paul Jones broke some school records, was named Rookie Punter of his conference, and now is taking YouTube by storm.  Paul has brought some AFL to the College Football system, and before you say anything; no it isn't a drop punt.

Paul has brought the good old fashioned "fake" into his Punting routine.  As you will see from the footage, if he didn't pull it off then he would have been in trouble.  Sold to perfection!!

Review the film;


Paul Jones will be coaching at the upcoming Australian Championships to be held in Melbourne in December.  So this is a great opportunity to come and learn from Paul and if we are lucky Paul may show us this "fake" in person.  For dates and details of the camp, refer to the link below.


OzPunt continues great tradition of breaking NCAA schools Punting records

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Last week, Paul Jones in only his Freshman year at Virginia Union University broke 2 of his schools Punting records.  Paul now holds

the school record for Longest Punt (72 yards), and now holds the school record for Punting Average in a game, now 51.4 yards (over 9 Punts).

Article about Paul’s Record breaking game;


Last Season Jay Karutz of Eastern Michigan broke his schools punting record in only his second game of American Football.  Jay averaged 49.5 yards in his game against Miami in Miami.

Article about Jay’s Record breaking game;


This year is looking like it is going to be another great year for Punters and Kickers making their way into the College system.

Thanks to Paul and Jay coaches are looking for the next OzPunt Punter or Kicker who can come along and break their schools punting and kicking school records.

It is never too late or too early to come down to OzPunt for a lesson, no matter what your skill level is.  After all we all need to start somewhere.

Jones Brothers on Scholarships

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Jones Brothers Kicking up a Storm at the College level


This month I want to write about the Jones Brothers, who are doing great things in their first year of American Football.  Paul the oldest of the Jones Brothers is playing his first year with Virginia Union University, and younger brother Luke Jones is in his first year with Albany State University.

The respective coaches inform me that they are very happy with how the boys are doing this year, and see them as making a big difference to their respective teams.

Both Luke and Paul had never played a game of American football until they played their first game in the US.  Like most of the OzPunt boys, the first game they saw live was the first game they played in.

Luke and Paul have had the same sporting backgrounds, both played Australian Rules Football, and both are pretty handy on the soccer field also.  It is this combination which has seen both of them have opportunities at both punting and kicking, with Paul having his first kick off for the Virginia Union University team.

I know the two of them have the same wish at the end of their College careers, and that is to play in the NFL.  Since both Luke and Paul started College at the same time our fingers are crossed that they start in the NFL at the same time.

Luke will have the first taste of playing at an NFL stadium as his Albany State University Rams will play a game at Lucas Oil field.  This is the home of the current NFL team the Indianapolis Colts, and will also be the home of the 2012 NFL Super Bowl Game.

It is never to late to get down to OzPunt for a Kick or Punt.  So I look forward to seeing you soon. 

Eddie Kocwa Off to University

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Congratulations Eddie Kocwa

OzPunt kicker Eddie Kocwa is heading off to Southeast Missouri University in August to join his new team.  Eddie has been working with OzPunt for over 12 months and will be the first pure kicker to make his way into the College system.

Eddie was like so many other OzPunt kids who are now in the College ranks.  First coming in contact with OzPunt to see if he had what it took to make it in the US.  After an initial work out and training session, Eddie sat down and made it a goal of his to make a College team.

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