Summer Update

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I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that OzPunt has recently updated our available camp dates.  This includes camps in the following places, Melbourne, Ballarat, Adelaide, Sydney, and Brisbane.

The link below will take you straight to the camp location and dates;


I would also like to let you know that OzPunt will be running another 2 day camp on February the 18th and 19th in Melbourne.

If you are unable to find a date which works for you, let us know when you can make it along as we may be able to organise a one on one lesson.

OzPunt has run a number of camps this summer, and it was great to see a lot of new faces at the camps.  It was even more exciting to see a number of Punters and Kickers who I believe have the raw ability to take their talents to the next level, be it NFL or College.

The majority of people who come to OzPunt camps want to know whether they have the ability to make a team in the US, by the end of the camps they have a very good idea of this.

Hats off to 7 new faces who have shown a heap of potential;

Punters: Bernard and Kelvin

Kickers: Will and Joel

Combo (Punts and Kicks): Pasi, Darcy and Nick

With a number of you registered for upcoming camps in the next few months, I look forward to adding some more people to the above list.

Speak soon,

Cameron McGillivray
OzPunt Director
Ph: 0438 522 144

OzPunt's Biggest Camp of the Year!!

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I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that there are 6 spots remaining for OzPunt’s 2 day camp held in Melbourne.  The 2 day camp kicks off on Monday the 26th of December at 1pm and concludes on Tuesday the 27th of December at 4pm.  With people coming from across Australia, it is a great opportunity to train and learn from people who have “Been there done that”.

The two day camp takes covers all things Kicking, Punting and Holding.  As well as instruction on the field, OzPunt uses this opportunity to run
class room type sessions on how to get into an NFL or College team, and what to expect when you get to the US.

You will also have the opportunity to kick with, and receive instruction from current OzPunt Punters and Kickers who have or are currently playing football in the US.  For instance, this year will see the first year of Coaching from All Conference Rookie Punter Paul Jones.

If we are lucky Paul will run us through his side step punting technique as shown below;


Below is a news coverage of a past years event;


Please feel free to call or contact me if you have any questions or if
you would like to register for the camp.

Speak soon,

Cameron McGillivray
OzPunt Director
Ph: 0438 522 144

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